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Chemist of Customer science support


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Решение задач, рефераты, курсовые - онлайн сервис помощи учащимся. Цены в 2-3 раза ниже!

The company developing interactive chemistryl kits for secondary-school-age children is looking for a specialist in chemistry for scientific support of clients.The kit is designed to carry out chemical experiments at home. The system of child development is changing together with technological progress: an approach to education and even toys are changing. The scientific developers of the company have created an applications for iOS / Android for the kits allowing to demonstrate the answers to the questions: "Mom, what is air? Why I cant drink tap water?"

MEL Science is a young company that develops scientific kits for children of secondary-school-age. Our objective is to transfer game design approach for developing of scientific games for children and their parents. We are trying to make fun from study of science. Educational applications developed by MEL Science will show to your child how the World looks like at the level of atoms and molecules.

Vasily Filippov is a managing director of MEL Science successfully built the company in the field of mobile applications and mobile TV. MEL Science team is built from stellar group of chemists, physicists and programmers: 80% of our personnel are winners of the subject Olympiads.

The company assembled a stellar team of chemists, physicists and programmers: 80% of ou staff - winners of the subject Olympiads.

  • Bachelor/Master degree (chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmacy);
  • Fluent English (writing and speaking) strictly!; point out in your CV availability of language certificates, internships abroad and etc.;
  • Audible speech, good diction;
  • Advanced PC user;
  • Capability to solve problems, readiness to understand heart of the problem;
  • To be able to work on weekends and sometimes during the night shift;
  • Experience of working with children and their parents will be your advantage (teaching in schools, summer camps, tutoring, carrying out of school competitions and etc.);
  • Personal qualities: sociability, kindness, patience, responsibility, assiduity, analytical mindset.
  • Testing of the company's products: experimental chemistry kits for children of secondary-school-age with the application for iOS/Android;
  • Customer support concerning technical problems of company's products;
  • Participation in kit developing;
  • Duty on telephone line providing scientific and technical support to customers;
  • Report writing for R&D department.
Terms and conditions:
  • Schedule: Saturday and Sunday (12 hours), 2 days during the week upon your choise (8 hours);
  • Working in the office closely to the subway (4 minutes walk from the metro Kirovsky zavod);
  • Competitive salary + benefits and social package, 1 month of vacations;
  • Comfortable working environment, training; young scientists and programmers team with enormous working experience;
  • Salary starting from 60000 rubles (gross) per month with a 40-hour working week, night shifts are paid at a rate of 150% of salary; Official salary, transfer to any bank card;
  • It is possible to hold only study activity if your schedule does not ovelap with job timetable;
  • Registration according Labour Code of Russia.
Контактная информация

+7 921 860 77 38
Наталья Кузнецова


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